The school provides a complete course of studies in preparation for the Secondary  and Senior Secondary Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE),New Delhi.Co-curricular activities like Games & Sports ,Music etc. attract the young minds.

  • Value Education: The institute relies on the potency of a favourable environment for gently drawing the minds of its boys and girls towards our national ideals of renunciation and service,simple living ,high thinking and living for others in the institute.The students find themselves in an atmosphere where moral traits of character grow imperceptibly . Indian culture and moral values are taught in all the standards running from Nursery to Class XII to promote value based education among the future citizens of India.


  • School Hours:

i) Monday to Friday: Primary Section: 6.30 am to 10.30 am Noon Section: 10.30 am to 4.15 pm

ii) Saturday: Primary Section: 6.30 am to 10.30 am Noon Section: 10.30 am to 3.00 pm

iii) Prayer: Primary Section: 6.30 am to 6.35 am Noon Section: 10.45 am to 10.55 pm

iv) Classes Start: Primary Section: 6.35 am                  Noon Section: 11.00 am

v) Recess: Primary Section: 8.40 am to 09.10 am                 Noon Section: 01.50 pm to 02.20 pm

  • School Uniform:

i) Classes Nursery to VIII(BOYS): Maroon Colour  Half Pants (Except Winter ) with two side pockets and white shirt with single pocket on the left side .Maroon coloured Tie

ii) Classes Nursery to VIII(GIRLS): Maroon Colour Skirt and white Shirt and maroon coloured Tie

iii) Classes IX to XII(BOYS): Maroon Colour full pants with two side pockets ,white shirt with single pocket on the left side and Maroon coloured Tie

iv) Classes IX to XII(GIRLS): Maroon coloured Kameej,white coloured Salwar and .White coloured Dopatta.

v)shoes: Black leathered  shoes for Monday to Friday .White PT Shoes on every Saturday for Physical Education Classes.

vi) Winter Dress: .Maroon coloured full/half sleeves woolen sweater and Maroon coloured mufler /scurf

vii) Apron: White Coloured Apron is compulsory fpr Chemistry Labworks for the classes XI-XII students.

viii) School identity card is compulsory by proper signing of Headmaster.